Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Enjoying Halloween with a healthy snack

Every year for halloween I decorate the house with scary stuff and buy a lot of candy for the neighbourhood kids. Its so much fun to look at all their costumes and their smiles, after getting candy. Even though most moms wont agree with me, I enjoy giving them candy. While waiting for the kids to knock, we carve pumpkins and I roast the seeds for healthy snacking later.

Showcasing our carving talents

Pumpkin seeds are healthy as they are filled with fiber, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids. They also help lower cholesterol levels. Remember to wash and strain the pumpkin seeds, as this will help remove the fibrous pumpkin flesh. Also eating the pumpkin seeds with the skin on increases its nutritional value.

Pumpkin seeds washed and cleaned, ready to be munched on


Cleaned pumpkin seeds
Chilli powder - as needed
Salt - as needed
Garam masala - as needed
Lime juice - a few teaspoons


Sprinkle the seeds liberally with salt and chilli powder as per taste. Also add a pinch of garam masala. It helps to sprinkle the seeds with masala when the seeds are wet, as the masala sticks to the seeds better. Spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray and distribute the pumpkin seeds evenly. Broil at 500F for a few minutes till it turns golden brown. Remember to toss it few times to allow even cooking. Also keep an eye on it as it can get burnt easily. Remove from oven, sprinkle with lime juice and serve. It can also be stored in an air tight container for a few days.



bee said...

we have tons of squash with lots of seeds. we bake them, but i think broiling is a better idea.

Deepz said...

Bee: Ive never tried squash seeds before and my husband seems to like cruncy better. Will give squash seeds a try.

Manisha said...

Great pumpkins! And yummy pumpkin seeds! I have some pumpkin "vomit" to convert into these yummies! Tomorrow!

Swaroopa said...

gr8 snack recipe for the fall! thanx 4 sharing.

gnanam said...

hi maam,
I am a new to cooking as i got married now. As i am a chennailite girl i am impressed ur recipes. yesterday i hve searched for pudina chutney with different taste suddenly i got ur blog. Really Awesome. Delightful Recipes. Can u pls post the recipes of gobi 65 and mutton briyani. i.e. Recipes of easter festival.

Kribha said...

Nice idea to use the pumpkin seeds. never tried it before. Thanks for sharing this quick snack idea.

Deepz said...

Manisha: Your pumpkin vomit looked perfect for halloween. Very innovative.

Thanks swaroopa & kribha.

Gnanam: Thanks for your lovely comments. I will try to post those recipes as soon as possible.

As I like it said...

This reminds me of our old paati's recipes back home...You don't seem to waste anything :-) Healthy too!