Friday, December 07, 2007

JFI - January

Its my turn to host this month's JFI(Jihva For Ingredients). This event was started by Indira of Mahanandi and you can read all about it here. After much thinking (who am I kidding), I decided on this month's special ingredient. Full credit goes to my husband for suggesting this. Its my most favorite ingredient and I think it holds true for most of you out there. Both kids and adults love it. I have not come across anyone who hates it. There are people who like it, some who love it and then there are people like me who adore it.

Yes this month's special ingredient is CHOCOLATE.

For the last few months, every time a JFI ingredient was announced, I would hope that it isnt chocolate. I am glad that I got to choose this as my ingredient. You can say that I am obsessed with it. I love chocolate in any form or shape.

We have all heard and read a lot of contradicting reports about its health benefits (dark chocolate is considered the best), but no one has challenged its taste and the smile it brings to ones face after a bite. Even dieters and diabetics can indulge in healthy chocolate dishes. It is a proven mood enhancer and some even claim its an aphrodisiac. I usually don't need a reason or occasion to have a chocolate filled dish and I am always on the lookout for new recipes. So this will be a good chance for me to learn a lot of new chocolate based dishes from all you guys. Another more selfless reason was, since most of us are baking goodies for the holiday season it might be easier for everyone to participate.

Since chocolate does not need any further description, I am listing the rules for participation. You can use chocolate (milk, semisweet, dark or white), cocoa powder or carob (for people with allergies) as your main ingredient. Do not restrict yourself to desserts alone, there a lot of main course dishes that can be made with chocolate like here.

1. Prepare a dish with this ingredient, and post it on your blog. The choice of recipe is not restricted to Indian cuisine.

2. Please link to this event announcement, and feel free to use the logo.

3. Send in your entries to with JFI-Chocolate in the subject line.

4. Include the following details in your mail:
Name of blog
Blog url
Name of recipe
Recipe url
Picture of the dish

5. If you are a non-blogger, please send your recipe and picture with your e-mail and I will post it for you.

6. The deadline for this event is Jan 5, 2008 (so that you have enough time to send in your New Year goodies entries). The round-up will be posted by Jan 10, 2008.

I look forward to your creative contributions.


Kribha said...

I'll definetly be a part of it. Now I have an excuse to get chocolate and try something.

Rajitha said...

are you a sweetheart or what!!

Madhu said...

Hey Deepz,
Love Chocolate...Will definetely take part in it. Love you for choosing this ingredient.

Mythreyee said...

Wow ! a wonderful selection. Will surely participate. Chocolates are my favorite too.

Deepz said...

Thanks Kribha, Rajitha, Madhu and Mythreyee. I look forward to your entries.

Indira said...

Chocolate, a no brainer for Jihva.
Great choice, Deepz.


I am also in!

Deepz said...

Thanks Indira and raks kitchen.

Paru ... said...

Nice selection..Cant wait to see the roundup already..Would love to be a part of it...


aparna said...

I just did a chocolate post last week and sent it in to another event. Am I allowed to sent it to you or should I do something differenet?

Sukanya said...

Hi Deepz,
Chocolate is a wonderful selection. Its an absolute de-stresser and I would grade it as a comfort food. I am definitely in. I would love to participate in "Jivha for Chocolates"
All the best

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Hi Deepz,
Great choice..hope to post something soon.

Mansi Desai said...

Perfect!! I was so hoping someone in te blogosphere would choose chocolate, and now seems like there are 3 events with this choice!!

I'm totally in!!:)

Deepz said...

Paru: Thanks. Will be looking forward to your entry.

Aparna: Do update your entry to link back to this event and you can send me the details of your entry. I would love to include it.

Suganya: Thanks. Will be looking forward to your entry.

Deepz said...

Passionate Baker: Looking forward to your entry.

Mansi: Yes there is chocolate everywhere in the air.

Raaga said...

I'll try to make something... else can I submit my Candy Cake?

Rajitha said...

thnks for postponing!! i have made something just to lazy to type i can :)

Linda said...

Hi Deepz, am so happy to see the deadline isn't till Jan 5 -- I am just home after the holidays so now hopefully I can participate! Happy New Year!

Deepz said...

Rajitha & Linda - You do have time till the weekend to send in your entries. Will be be looking forward to those.

Archana said...

Hi Deepz, i will take part as well. New to blogging and my first take in a JFI. This seems like much fun!

Maya Shanbhag said...

Hey Deepz..Happy new year..I sent you across my entry today..Hope you got it..

Deepz said...

Archana:I am happy that your participating.

Maya:Thanks for participating.

Kamini said...

I missed it.. Today is the 6th... Things have been way to hectic here so... Look forward to the round up. I can assure you it will be read by my son for sure.. He is a total chocoholic.