Friday, January 04, 2008

My Christmas Dinner

I had friends over and made a 4 course meal for Christmas eve dinner. Here's sharing with you a few pictures from the night.

For the first couse I served mushroom-blue cheese crostini, walnut cheese tartlets (with onions), peas wheels and spinach cheese rolls.

course 1: mushroom crostini, walnut-basil tartlets, peas wheels, spinach cheese wheels

The second course was sweet corn vegetable soup with egg drop for non-vegetarians.

course 2: sweet corn veg soup

The third and the main course was vegetable biryani, colocasia fry and raitha for the vegetarians and mutton biryani, chettinad chicken fry, boiled egg and raitha for the meat lovers.

course 3: main course

course 3: mutton biryani, veg biryani

course 3: boiled egg, roasted colocasia

course 3: chettinad chicken

course 3: raitha

Last but not the least, for the dessert course I served my usual black forest cake.

course 4: black forest cake

I will try and post these recipes soon.


Namratha said...

Wow Deepz, all this delicious food...making me very hungry now!!Looks awesome!! do share the recipes..

TBC said...

I just sent you my entry for JFI. Please check your spam folder:-)
Your black forest cake looks sinfully delicious!

Rajitha said...

wow! you made all that!! long were u in the kitchen ;)

Srivalli said...

wow...thats a real feast...really everything looks awesome! much time did you take to prepare all this!

Mansi Desai said...

good job Deepz!! I'm glad you tried my mushroom crsotini:) only complaint - Why Was I Not Invited???!!!

The feast looks fabulous girl! I'm sure all your guests must have been very happy:)

Deepz said...

Namratha: Thanks. Will try to post the recipes soon.

TBC: Thanks. I received your entry.

Rajitha: Thanks. I did spend most part of the day in the kitchen but was worth it.

Srivalli: Thanks. I made some stuff the previous and spend about 5-6hrs in the kitchen.

Mansi: Thanks for posting ure yummy crostini recipe. Ill remember to invite u the next time. :)

Archana said...

Very nice menu. Iiked the hors d'overs, seems like a heavy menu, did the friends get to the biriyani? Unless ofcourse drinks was in abundance :)

mb said...

wow, looks absolutely amazing. Wish I lived closer :) -- Mandira

Kribha said...

wow... Great array of food. Wish I was one of your friends who lived closeby.

An Indian's makeup musings said...

O MY GOD !!! How do you do it? I mean , of course you have recipes...but thats not even the beginning of making yummy dishes....
Ive been browsing your blog for more than an hour now...just relishing all the pictures ;)
Please continue blogging....

mariam said...

Hey, I just discovered all these great blogs with indian recipes. I watched my mum make these foods but have no idea how to recreate it. Even my mum can't tell me how much of the ingredients she uses.
Please keep writing.