Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I was looking at my blog and realized that I dont have any desserts listed. People may think that I am not much of a sweet person but actually its the other way round. I simply love and adore almost anything sweet. So I decided to try out this dish that I have always loved but thought was very difficult to make.

I followed the instructions on PuSiVa'S CuLiNarY StUdiO and it took me about an hr from start to finish as this was my first time trying this out. It also needs about 4hrs to set. I left it in the fridge overnight.

It was actually very simple to make although the place can get very messy with all the whipping and folding. Anyway the end result was worth all the effort and it tasted very good. I packed some for my friends and they liked it a lot.

The only variations that I made was I added rum instead of the wine. Also I used Indian filter coffee decoction instead of the espresso.



Anonymous said...

Hey Deepa

Kalakra man...You are influencing me again...

Have fun..


Puspha said...

Very happy glad tat u liked it.