Saturday, September 15, 2007

Green Blog Project - Summer 2007 Reminder

Looking at the entries that have already piled up, I am very excited to host the Green Blog Project – Summer 2007 event. I am sure like me, others are also keeping busy with their gardening. If you live in northern america remember to bring in your summer veggies and tropical plants now or when the low temp is below 50F. In Colorado, thankfully it is mostly in the 50's till the end of September, so I have a few more days to harvest my veggies. Here are a few pics from my garden.

Since I've been harvesting too many tomatoes than needed for just the two of us, Ive been trying to save some for the winter months.

I made thakkali thokku with half of the tomatoes. This can be used to make tomato rice or as a chutney with idli, dosa and chapathi.

I froze some to be used in curry and gravy dishes. I dice them into small cubes and fill ice cube trays with the chopped tomatoes. I grind a few tomatoes and fill the tray with the puree so that the cubes are formed easily. When needed I just remove a few cubes and add it to my cooking pan.
Remember to send in your entries by Oct 1, 2007 to You can find more details about the event here.


Nags said...

such an awesome idea to make tomato puree cubes! i am going to do that too!!

Sreelu said...

Deepz, Cool idea to save it in cubes

Richa said...

wow! u got a bumper tomato crop :)
BTW just wanted to confirm if u got my GBP entry, please let me know.

Sharmi said...

waaw what a beautiful produce!!

Deepz said...

Thanks Nags, Sreelu & Sharmi.

Richa: I dont think I received your GBP entry. Can you please send it to me again. Thanks.

Gini said...

Great effort by GBP host. Great tips at storing tomatoes.

Deepz said...

Thanks Gini.